Jan 2, 2024

Comprehensive Senior Care: AHS and Compassion Network Home Care Working Together

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Providing quality home care for seniors requires a collaborative effort from multidisciplinary disciplines, combining the expertise of healthcare professionals and the personalized touch of private home care providers.

In Alberta, the Alberta Health Services (AHS) takes a comprehensive approach to senior care, working with various disciplines to support seniors in the comfort of their homes.

AHS collaborates with multidisciplinary teams and how a private home care provider like Compassion Network Home Care complements and enhances these efforts.

The AHS Multidisciplinary Approach

1. Assessment and Care Planning:

  • AHS initiates the process with a thorough assessment of the senior's health needs.
  • A multidisciplinary team, which may include nurses, therapists, and social workers, collaborates to create a personalized care plan.
  • The plan addresses medical, physical, emotional, and social aspects to ensure holistic care.

2. Medical Care and Nursing Services:

  • AHS employs registered nurses to provide medical care, administer medications, and monitor health conditions.
  • The nursing team coordinates with other healthcare professionals to ensure a comprehensive approach to the senior's well-being.

3. Therapy Services:

  • AHS offers access to various therapy services, including physiotherapy and occupational therapy, to enhance mobility and independence.
  • Therapists work closely with seniors to develop tailored exercises and strategies for daily living.

4. Social Work Support:

  • Social workers play a vital role in addressing the emotional and social needs of seniors.
  • They assist with navigating community resources, providing emotional support, and addressing any psychosocial challenges.

5. Coordination of Community Resources:

  • AHS collaborates with community resources, such as meal programs, transportation services, and support groups, to create a comprehensive support network for seniors.

Where Compassion Network Home Care Fits In

While AHS provides a solid foundation for senior care, private home care providers like Compassion Network Home Care offer additional layers of personalized support. Setting up services with AHS can be a lengthy process and at times you may be placed on a waitlist. Private home care options like Compassion Network Home Care are a great interim solution while you wait.

1. Comprehensive Personal Care:

  • Compassion Network Home Care provides personalized assistance with activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, grooming, and medication reminders.
  • Caregivers offer companionship, reducing social isolation and enhancing emotional well-being.

2. Specialized Dementia Care:

  • For seniors with dementia, Compassion Network Home Care offers specialized services designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with cognitive challenges.
  • Care plans are tailored to provide a safe and supportive environment for seniors with memory-related conditions.

3. Flexible Scheduling and Additional Services:

  • Private home care providers offer flexibility in scheduling, allowing seniors to receive care when they need it most.
  • Compassion Network Home Care may also provide additional Home Helper services such as light housekeeping, meal preparation, and grocery shopping, enhancing the overall quality of life for seniors.

4. Family Engagement and Communication:

  • Compassion Network Home Care emphasizes open communication and family involvement in care planning.
  • Regular updates and collaboration with family members ensure a cohesive and supportive approach to senior care.

5. Client Directed Home Care Invoicing Program:

  • As an approved vendor of AHS' Client Directed Home Care Invoicing Program (CDHCI), Compassion Network Home Care is a great option to provide comprehensive and personalized home care services for you or your loved one.
  • Providers through the CDHCI Program like Compassion Network Home Care offered more tailored support, including preferences around language, scheduling, and non-rushed care

A Holistic Partnership for Senior Well-Being

In the journey of senior care, the collaboration between AHS and private home care providers like Compassion Network Home Care creates a holistic support system.

While AHS offers a multidisciplinary approach to medical and therapeutic care, private providers contribute by delivering personalized, compassionate assistance that goes beyond clinical support.

Together, these efforts aim to enhance the well-being, independence, and quality of life for seniors, allowing them to age gracefully in the comfort of their homes.

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