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A happy home is more important than a clean home. But if you focus on the happiness, and we work on the cleanliness, you can have the best of both.

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As a senior home care provider, we understand that there are not only health factors that influence your wellbeing, but there are many external factors that can ultimately affect your quality of life. A big aspect of independent home living that can become more challenging as we age is a comfortable, clean, and safe home environment. That is why Compassion Network created Home Keepers, a dedicated home cleaning service tailored to seniors.

Benefits of a house cleaning service for seniors include:
  • Remaining independent in your home for longer
  • Frees up time for you to do the things important to you
  • Reduces fatigue, stress, and chances of injury
  • Reduce sickness from contaminated surfaces
  • Keep up appearances when family and guests are over
  • A consistently tidy, clean, and organized home environment no matter what is going on with life
  • Improved sense of order and wellbeing
Our Seniors Housekeeping service are provided by:
A Compassion Network business.

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Do you offer housekeeping services?

Our home care and home helper services can include some light homemaking and housekeeping duties. For a more specialized home cleaning service, check out our subsidiary business Home Keepers.

“I had a wonderful experience with the cleaning service. The cleaners were extremely professional and went above and beyond to ensure that my place was clean. I highly recommend this service."
Gladys W.
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