a founder's story

Picture of Elvis' grandparents.

A Journey to Care

Compassion Network was started by Elvis Wong as a fresh university graduate and rookie entrepreneur. His path to founding Compassion Network is rooted in a genuine concern for the wellbeing of seniors, a concern that grew from his upbringing.

Growing up having been predominantly raised by his grandparents, he developed a deep understanding and care for older adults. This understanding would later become the driving force behind Compassion Network's roots.

The turning point came in his teenage years as Elvis watched his aging grandparents begin struggling with their health, experiencing firsthand the challenges many seniors face. The moment his grandmother fell in her own apartment and couldn't get up for hours, his grandfather with his own medical issues helpless at her side, was a stark revelation of the gaps in home care.

Elvis and his family struggled to figure out how to arrange adequate care for them, finding existing services difficult to navigate or non-existent. Driven by the realization that his family's challenges to care for their aging loved ones was likely not unique, Elvis embarked on a mission to bridge this gap.

After completing a Health Care Aide program, he ran Compassion Network from his parent's basement, fueled by a vision to provide holistic and empathetic care to seniors. Starting as a one person show, Elvis went door-to-door, connecting with seniors in their homes. He offered not just caregiving assistance, but companionship, a listening ear, and a helping hand in everyday tasks.

His approach was not just about providing services but about building relationships and trust, one client at a time.

Elvis' story is a testament to how personal experiences can drive us to create meaningful action. Compassion Network, born from a grandson's love for his grandparents and his desire to help others in similar situations, now stands as a beacon of hope and support for many seniors in Edmonton and Calgary.

It's a reminder that sometimes, the most impactful businesses stem from a simple desire to help others.