Apr 12, 2024

Debunking the Top 3 Misconceptions About Private Home Care in Alberta

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Do you have an older, vulnerable family member who needs in-home care, but you’re concerned about the trustworthiness of home care agencies? There is an understandable level of hesitation, fear and nervousness that comes with hiring private in-home care, especially for a vulnerable loved one. Compassion Network Home Care is here to soothe your worries.

Keep reading to learn how Compassion Network Home Care works to dispel the common misconceptions of private home care.

Misconception: It’s Too Expensive

If you aren’t happy with the quality of care you receive from AHS, you aren’t alone. Unfortunately, Alberta’s public health care system has seen better days. Albertans are needing to outsource their care to private organizations, but a common misconception is that private care is prohibitively expensive to the average person.

Yes, private care is expensive, but did you know there are many options for financial assistance through the government? You can apply for Client Directed Home Care through AHS for a home assessment of daily struggle points, and funding is allocated to meet those specific needs.

The Compassion Difference

Compared to other private home care agencies in Edmonton and Calgary, Compassion Network sits in the middle of the pack. There are quite a few fees that we do not have, like initial onboarding fees or additional hidden fees. Our fees are based on an hourly rate.

Compassion Network Home Care’s more expensive competitors don’t hold a candle to our quality of care, attention to detail, responsiveness, and client relationship-building

Misconception: Poor Quality of Care

We’ve all read the horror stories of seniors being mistreated or taken advantage of in their own homes by a caregiver. That is an understandable and valid concern, especially when outsourcing to a private agency, which is why conducting thorough research is extremely important.

You want to find a reputable agency that employs qualified and trained professionals and offers personalized care tailored to the client’s needs.

The Compassion Difference

Compassion Network is one of the few private home care agencies in Edmonton and Calgary that is fully accredited by Accreditation Canada and is operated by professional nurses. At Compassion, we wear our “Accredited with Commendation” badge with great pride and honour because becoming accredited is not a simple feat.

Accreditation means that Compassion Network Home Care is committed to adhering to world-class standards of care, quality and safety. Our care team of nurses and support staff are 100% vetted with background and vulnerable sector checks and are highly qualified, trained and skilled professionals. The safety and wellbeing of our patients is always our top priority.

Misconception: Loss of Control & Independence

Compassion Network Home Care primarily cares for seniors, and we hear that the loss of independence and control over their care is the most common concern. There is great concern about losing autonomy over their lives, which makes asking for additional in-home support a very frightening experience.

Alberta Health Services’ Client-Directed Home Care Program is specifically designed for people to have control over their own wellbeing and care plan. In circumstances with cognitive impairment, the patient’s primary caregiver and family are deeply involved in their care plan. Home care aims to maintain the patient's independence and autonomy, increasing their overall wellbeing and helping them remain at home for as long as possible.

The Compassion Difference

Our care approach is about providing exceptional services and establishing relationships based on trust and respect with our clients. For us, compassion is our passion. We work very closely with patients and their families to ensure all needs, big or small, are met.

Often, the smallest details have the greatest impact on a person’s overall wellbeing. Whether reading the newspaper, sitting in the garden, or caring for their pets, Compassion Network Home Care’s team works hard to maintain our clients’ quality of life.

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