Mar 22, 2024

Finding Peace at the End: Holistic Palliative Home Care from Compassion Network

Compassion Network Home Care is Alberta’s trusted in-home care agency. We provide the best level of home healthcare, caregiving, and nursing, all within the comforts of your home.

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If you are struggling with the emotional challenges of navigating end-of-life care for a loved one, you aren't alone. It's an emotionally challenging process that no one is ever truly prepared for, but Compassion Network is here to help lighten the load.

Compassion Network Home Care is an accredited home care agency that offers holistic in-home palliative care for families in Edmonton and Calgary. Being the caregiver in someone's end-of-life journey is an honour and privilege; we do not take this responsibility lightly.

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Our compassionate Palliative Care approach

Compassion's holistic palliative care approach means we care for the patient's entire well-being, which includes managing not only their physical symptoms, but their emotional, social and spiritual needs as well. Facing a life-limiting illness is a profoundly challenging, taxing time for both patients and their families, but with Compassion's support, we can help ease the process.

Our primary goal is to enhance our patients' and their families' quality of life by maintaining the comfort, dignity, and respect an individual deserves on their end-of-life journey. We are dedicated to providing care that minimizes their discomfort, improves their quality of life, and honours the client's personal wishes.

Choosing home-based Palliative Care

Home-based palliative care is for someone at the end of their life who wishes to remain in their own home, surrounded by loved ones. Staying at home gives patients a sense of normalcy, peace of mind and comfort that can be lost in clinical settings.

Choosing to remain at home is a significant decision that must be carefully considered. The patient's needs, the family's capacity to provide care, and the type of support available must be considered. Compassion's care team is committed to providing clients and their families with the transparent information, support and services necessary to make an informed decision.

Care we provide

  • Symptom Management
    Our expert care aims to relieve symptoms such as pain, nausea, breathlessness, and others, ensuring comfort at all times.
  • Emotional Support
    Our care team understands the importance of empathy towards patients and their families. Understanding the strain on family caregivers, we offer respite services to allow them time to rest and recharge.
  • Companionship
    Providing compassionate care and support continues beyond physical well-being. We deeply care for our patients and want to maintain their sense of normalcy and routines. If they can no longer read the newspaper, we will read it for them. We do what we can to keep our patients comfortable and content, often forming deep bonds with them along the way.
  • Family Support and Education
    Offering guidance and support to families, helping them understand the care process and make informed decisions. We respect each individual's spiritual beliefs and needs, tailoring their care to accommodate those needs.
  • Additional Support
    We help out where we can. That may look like meal management, light housekeeping, linen changes, managing oral intake, assisting with transportation around the home, caring for their pets, and so on.

Compassionate care you can trust

Everyone deserves dignity in death, and Compassion's care team is dedicated to providing our patients with the care they need in the place they love most. Compassion Network Home Care is one of the only fully accredited home care agencies in Alberta that is run by a team of professional nurses and support staff.

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