Apr 12, 2024

First Steps & Essential Resources for Dementia Care in Edmonton and Calgary

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When you begin to suspect or already know that a loved one is developing dementia, it can be an overwhelming process to figure out what the next steps are. First, they must be taken to a geriatrician for a formal assessment and diagnosis before a dementia care plan can be developed.

After receiving a formal diagnosis, your next step will be finding a home care agency that offers dementia care services, like Compassion Network Home Care. Located in Edmonton and Calgary, our fully accredited dementia care services provide our clients with peace of mind, high-quality care, and respite for the primary caregiver(s).

To streamline the onboarding process with a dementia home care provider, it's best to get all the essential documentation sorted before reaching out. Keep reading to find out what those documents are!

Essential Documents for Dementia Care

  1. Formal Assessment & Diagnosis from a Geriatrician
    This is a formal document provided by the geriatrician or equivalent medical professional confirming the diagnosis of dementia, Alzheimer's, or related conditions.
  2. Personal Directive (Active or Inactive)
    A personal directive is essential for individuals who may lose autonomy or the ability to make medical decisions on themselves due to cognitive impairment. It's important to have an appointed individual(s) trusted to make medical decisions on behalf of the client when necessary.
  3. Power of Attorney
    This document designates individuals who can make financial decisions on the client's behalf. While not essential, having a power of attorney for financial decisions is beneficial, especially when navigating progressing dementia.
  4. Green Sleeve: Goals of Care
    This document outlines the client's preferences regarding life-saving respiratory or heart failure interventions. It is important for clients to have clear directives regarding their end-of-life care preferences.
  5. Official AHS Care Assessment
    With Client Directed Home Care Invoicing (CDHC), it is absolutely essential to have the official AHS assessment letter that awards their care hours. This document is your golden ticket to in-home care and crucial information for Compassion Network Home Care.
  6. Blue Cross Letter
    The Blue Cross insurance coverage letter goes hand in hand with the care plan provided by AHS. We strongly encourage clients and their families to have their finances sorted before contacting Compassion Network Home Care for a smooth onboarding process.

Compassion Network does not offer the following services:

  • Initial Assessment
    If you suspect a parent or loved one to be developing dementia, the first step is taking them to a geriatrician for an initial assessment. Compassion Network Home Care does not assess or diagnose dementia; our services are the next step in a long-term care plan following a formal diagnosis.
  • Resistance to Care
    If your loved one is resistant to care, Compassion Network Home Care cannot take control of the situation for you. We legally cannot treat a patient who does not consent to care if they do not have a personal directive or power of attorney in place. You will need to access AHS or have them transported to a medical doctor to be assessed.
  • Dementia Progression
    In the case of dementia progression, the care plan will need to be adjusted to address the worsening symptoms properly. Compassion's nurses will diligently monitor, document and communicate our findings, but it is ultimately up to the family to bring in a geriatrician for a formal assessment. Compassion Network Home Care cannot diagnose or alter diagnoses without formal documentation from a physician.

Compassionate Care, Your Way

Compassion Network Home Care is one of Alberta's only home care facilities to be fully accredited by the government and run by professional nurses. For us, compassion is our passion.

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