Foot Care Servives

Helping You Prevent Serious Health Issues That Start With Your Feet

Diabetics and those unable to care properly for their feet are at serious risk of foot issues leading to amputation or overall health concerns. We are here to medically help take care of your feet

Why Do I Need Foot Care?

Those unable to perform personal foot care leave their feet neglected, causing major health issues. Feet problems are typically seen in patients suffering from diabetes where poor circulation can reduce blood flow and sensation to the feet as well as lead to fragile skin and brittle nails. Left untreated, these issues lead to more severe complications due to nerve damage and a reduction in blood flow to the extremities.

The sense of feeling can be lost, leaving patients unaware when injuries happen to lead to serious issues. Elderly and Diabetics foot injuries heal slowly and can become prone to infection without proper care.

Our nurses will discuss with you the suggested care for your feet at your first visit and determine the frequency of visits required to maintain optimal foot health. We recommend every 6-10 weeks depending on  client’s specific needs.

Are Your Feet In High Risk?

If your feet are at high risk causing you serious issues contact us immediately stating your condition. By doing this, we will ensure you can receive needed care as soon as possible.

  • In-Home Foot Care
    • Nurse’s assessment of feet, nails
    • Cutting and filing of nails
    • Diabetic foot care
    • Foot skin care including application of topical creams
    • Treatment of corns, calluses, ingrown, fungal, and thickened toenails
    • Education on foot health and maintenance
    • Discuss options for feet comfort/ medical needs
    • Regular treatment supplies and equipment are included (for your safety, we are using single-use equipment)
    • Funding available for eligible seniors

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Our Covid-19 Percautions

As per AHS Public Health, a health screening will be completed over the phone and again on the day of the session. This is to ensure the safety of you and our staff

High Risk Assesment

During your consultation, our nurses will perform a high risk assessment to determine the urgency of your care

No Contract

You’re not locked into any long term contracts with The Compassion Network. We offer flexibility in order to get the care you truly need.

In-Home Health Care Services Edmonton Home Care Cleaning Companionship

Fully Protected

Our company is fully insured to protect you. All our employees must go through a rigorous screening process.

In-Home Health Care Services Edmonton Home Care Cleaning Companionship

Skilled Care

Our Nurses are highly trained and fully educated, ready to provide reliable, quality care with warmth and compassion. It’s required.