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Merging Portraits and Stories of Older Adults

Portrait by Mary Whales

celebrating the art of ageing

And giving back to those who make it so possible. Alberta seniors have stories to tell and we want to hear them. We want to see their faces when they think back on a deep down memory. We want to capture a piece of them that can live on and be cherished by friends, family, and the community for years to come.

about the fundraiser

Compassion Network has teamed up with Mary Whale, a former nurse and talented artist, to paint sponsored portraits of local Alberta seniors. The proceeds will be donated to Caregivers Alberta, an organization that educates and supports the nearly one million caregivers in Alberta.

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Portrait by Mary Whales
Portrait of Mary Whale.

meet the artist

People, as subject matter, are of special interest to me. I believe each person has a basic need to maintain dignity despite the circumstances of their lives. The complexity of combining the physical and psychological elements of character has infinite possibilities for artistic expression.

My work as a nurse complements my artistic interests exquisitely. I have found an aesthetic and spiritual reservoir in my contact with the elderly. I have the privilege of sharing poignant moments in people’s lives revealing unabridged realities and accompanying expressions. The memory and identity in my work belongs just as much to my subjects as it does to me.

- Mary Whale


Caregivers alberta

Caregivers are heroes, not victims. But even heroes need help sometimes.

Did you know that about one in four Albertans is a caregiver in some capacity? Caregivers Alberta is a dedicated organization that offers help and support to official and unofficial caregivers. They provide resources, education, and coaching with award-winning programs, and are continuous advocates for the well-being and positive recognition of our caregivers.

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Portrait by Mary Whales


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