Nov 21, 2023

5 Tips for Seniors to Beat the Blues This Winter

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With the first snowfall upon us, Edmontonians are preparing for the upcoming winter hibernation. Maintaining an active mind and body during the winter is challenging, thanks to the limited daylight, frigid temperatures, and icy conditions.

Winter can be especially difficult for seniors because the cold weather increases the risk of falling and hypothermia, as well as difficulty sleeping and chronic pain flare-ups. Thanks to the sun setting significantly earlier in winter, the body’s circadian rhythm is thrown off and tricks the brain into thinking it’s bedtime at four in the afternoon.

At Compassion Network Home Care, we understand how difficult the winter months can be for seniors. Many people struggle with the winter blues; however, seniors are especially susceptible to increased feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety during this time.

companionship services

Everyone needs a friend, especially in the winter. Compassion Network Home Care highly recommends our Senior Companionship Services for seniors who live alone. Maintaining your emotional and social well-being is as important as your physical and mental health.

Our companionship services include friendly social visits at your home or facility with stimulating activities. We are happy to accompany you to events and appointments, as well as go on outings and walks. Maintaining the health and happiness of our clients is a top priority. To us, it’s personal.

staying active

It’s no secret that consistent physical activity, like a walk around the neighbourhood, is excellent for maintaining physical and mental health. Don’t let the icy sidewalks and chilly weather stop you from keeping active this winter! If you are concerned about a fall risk, our care team can conduct a fall assessment and set you up for success.

Joining a community exercise class is a fantastic way to get your blood pumping and make some new friends! Exercise classes in water are very beneficial for seniors with chronic pain and achy joints, especially in the winter.

If exercise classes aren’t your thing, consider purchasing a seniors pass to a museum, art gallery or indoor botanical garden. The Muttart is perfect for folks looking to avoid the crowds, get their steps in, and stimulate their brain all in one visit!

get busy around the home

Thanks to the chilly weather, we spend most of the winter in our homes. It’s the perfect time to get crafty, like knitting, quilting, woodworking, painting, scrapbooking, or puzzling! Finding a craft that piques your interest and keeps your hands busy is good for your brain.

Set your workstation by a window with the blinds drawn to take full advantage of the day’s sunlight. Much like a happy house cat, curling up in the sunbeams while you work will positively impact your mental health.

Maybe there is a room in your home that needs to be decluttered and reorganized or boxes of memories that need sorting. If you are tackling a bigger project that requires physical effort like heavy lifting, reach out to Compassion Network Home Care to learn more about our home helper services.

stay connected

The winter can be an isolating time for seniors, especially those who live alone. Staying connected with your friends and family is more important than ever during this time. Reach out to your local senior center and learn about their communities and events.

Get in touch with Compassion Network Home Care to learn more about our senior companionship services and how we can help you thrive this winter season.

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