Jun 22, 2023

Empowering Senior’s Independence: Embracing Client-Directed Home Care with Compassion Network

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Are you or someone you love coming to a point where it’s time to consider what your next steps in life, specifically regarding long-term care, will be? Whether you’re considering care options for yourself or someone you love, knowing the benefits of client-directed home care is essential to being able to make the right decision with peace of mind.

At Compassion Network Home Care, we know finding a care plan that works right for you (or the one you love) is an incredibly personal experience, and that everyone will have their own needs coming into the process of finding a provider. For the last 10 years, we’ve proudly partnered with families in Edmonton and Calgary to provide exceptional home care services that remove the burden of age-in-place living and allow you to focus on your daily routine with peace of mind.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at some of the key points to know about client-direct home care, as well as the benefits of choosing Compassion Network Home Care as your service provider. Read on to learn more!

What is Client Directed Home Care?

As the name suggests, client-directed care is a form of healthcare where the client plays an active role in determining what kind of care they need/want, as well as how it can best be implemented to meet their comfort level and existing challenges. Client-directed care leaves you in charge, but partners you with the right medical and care experts you need to ensure you have every piece of the puzzle put together, and that you’ll always have access to trusted support when it matters most.

This kind of care is designed to be non-intrusive, and allow seniors to feel empowered rather than “stuck” when it comes to medical and daily living challenges that simply need a helping hand to navigate smoothly.

Benefits of home care include:


Aging can often leave us feeling vulnerable, and like we’ve lost control of some of the important aspects that make us who we are. Instead of dealing with the frustration of struggling with basic tasks like cooking and cleaning, or even handling basic hygiene, home care allows you to maintain your dignity while also having the power to ask for help when you need it.

Personalized Care

While certain elements of home care may stay the same where standards and regulations are concerned, home care experts know that no two clients are the same. Since you or your loved one will be actively involved in the planning process, you’ll ways know what’s going on, and what to expect, and can make sure that your plan includes exactly what you need with the ability to alter things as needed.


Seniors often find themselves facing unintentional isolation as their friend group slowly shrinks, and family members may not be able to visit as often as they once did due to changing life circumstances. Having a dedicated home care provider also means having access to consistent, trusted, companionship that provides intellectual and mental stimulation, alongside healthcare and trained assistance you can count on.

Quality of Life

Finally, the heart of client-directed home care is to ensure that clients have everything they need to feel fulfilled and safe within their own home. By remaining an active participant in your care plan and having access to compassionate caregivers that truly put your needs at the centre of all they do, you or your loved one will always have the peace of mind of knowing that you are heard and valued.

At Compassion Network Home Care, we are passionate about ensuring seniors feel empowered to embrace the aging process with peace of mind. Our home care services offer valuable assistance and support for a wide range of needs including in-home nursing, companionship, daily activity support and more. Learn how we can help YOU create the perfect self-guided care plan by contacting our team today!

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