Aug 16, 2023

Finding Compassionate Home Care in Edmonton

Compassion Network Home Care is Alberta’s trusted in-home care agency. We provide the best level of home healthcare, caregiving, and nursing, all within the comforts of your home.

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Have you noticed your loved one starting to slow down? Are they beginning to need help with basic tasks around the house? Have circumstances changed, and living alone has the potential to become dangerous?

It might be time to consider hiring a home care professional. These services are not limited to only seniors– our services are available to people of all ages with chronic conditions that prevent them from leaving home. Home care is for those who want to stay home for as long as possible. We want to help you and your family with this decision.

Who are we?

Compassion Network Home Care has been one of Edmonton’s most trusted home healthcare providers for a decade. We foster a culture of care, empathy and dignity because compassion is our passion. Regardless of age or health challenges, we believe everyone deserves to live an empowered, independent life filled with joy and community.

Some things to consider are:

  • What kind of care does your loved one require? (Assistance with dressing, grooming, bathing, general home maintenance, companionship, etc.)
  • How can their quality of life be improved?
  • What are their current medical conditions?
  • What level and frequency of care do they require?

Communication is Key

A Care Manager or Coordinator visits the clients at home for the initial meeting to perform a nursing assessment. These visits typically last 2-4 hours and are meant to inform the care plan. Katrina takes the time to thoroughly understand the client’s needs by actively listening and asking lots of questions.

Afterwards, our care plan is tailor-made to the client’s needs based on the information we gathered. Quality of life is the top priority when developing a plan. We want our clients to thrive during their golden years. It’s a very personal, therapeutic and holistic process where everything is considered.

Clients and their families will be informed of who we are sending to your home, why that caregiver was chosen, and how they are qualified to suit your needs. Transparent and open communication is the keystone of our care.

Finding a Fit

It can be challenging to find the right fit. Your caregiver should be a qualified, experienced, competent professional who approaches clients with kindness and empathy. At Compassion Network Home Care, we take hiring our staff very seriously. We perform thorough background checks, including the vulnerable person sector, criminal record checks, and professional experience.

Our caregivers are matched to clients depending on their specific needs and care requirements. The benefit of being a boutique caregiving agency is that we are local providers from the Edmonton community.

Bottom Line

Everyone deserves a compassionate caregiver who genuinely cares about their quality of care. Know that your voice matters. We are proud to be caregivers who listen and value the opinion of clients. Your family can have peace of mind knowing that, for us, the care of your loved one is personal.

Is your family starting to discuss the next steps regarding an ailing loved one’s health? Let Compassion Network Home Care be a part of that conversation. Our dedicated team would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. Give us a call and start your journey to compassionate home care today!

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